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Soldier Support Institute

The Equal Opportunity (EO) Training Proponent develops EO training and doctrine material for the United States Army. The EO Training Proponent’s goal is to provide effective training material to EO professionals and commanders in the field. The EO Training Proponent develops and maintains the Equal Opportunity Leader Course (EOLC), provides assistance and instructional materials to schools across the Army, develops and evaluates the Training Support Package (TSP) for Army Service Specific Training for the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI), as well as maintaining TC 26-6 (Commander’s EO Handbook).  The EO Training Proponent develops and maintains EO training for Professional Military Education (PME) taught during OES/NCOES service schools.  The training documents are located on the Central Army Registry's (CAR) website. EOAs must request access to the CAR in order to utilize the EO training material.

Chief, EO Training Proponent
Com: (803) 751-8441
DSN:  (312) 734-8441

SGMSGM Brian J. Huggins


MSG Freddie Martinez


Phone: 803-751-8349

Mission - Develop innovative, engaging, and effective Equal Opportunity (EO) training products for the Army and Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI).

Vision- Develop EO Training that impacts and inspires Army personnel to treat everyone with dignity and respect thereby increasing overall unit readiness and mission accomplishment.

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