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Welcome to the NCO Academy Website!
This website is designed to assist past, current, and future students to maintain and expand their professional NCO development to the next level of education and responsibilities.

Embrace the Challenge-Exceed the Standard

NCOA CSMCommand Sergeant Major Annie L. Walker, a native of Elizabethtown, NC, entered the United States Army as a Finance Specialist on 3 June 1986. She attended Basic Training at Fort Jackson, SC and Advance Individual Training at Ft. Benjamin Harrison, IN.
Command Sergeant Major Walker's previous assignments include: 8th Finance BN-8th ID, Bad Krueuznach Germany; 107th Finance BN, Fort Bragg, North Carolina; 126th Finance Battalion, Fort Bragg, North Carolina; HHC Soldier Training Battalion, Fort Jackson, South Carolina; Soldier Support Institute, Fort Jackson, South Carolina; 125th Finance Battalion, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii; and 18th Soldier Support Group, Fort Bragg, North Carolina. She has held responsible positions such as Squad Leader, Detachment Sergeant, Section Sergeant, Advanced Individual Training Instructor, Senior Small Group Leader for Finance Advance Leader Course and Basic Leader Course, Operations Sergeant, First Sergeant, Operation Sergeant Major, Sergeant Major for the 18th Financial Management Command (Provisional)/Center and III Corps G8 Sergeant Major, Fort Hood Texas. She previously served as the Command Sergeant Major, Training Support Battalion, Soldier Support Institute, Fort Jackson, South Carolina.

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Leader Development:

USAREC Pre-Command Course (PCC) Review:
On 03 FEB 11 Recruiting Retention School (RRS) met with CG, USAREC via video teleconference (VTC) to review curriculum updates and seek approval for FY 11 PCC content and training schedule.  The annual review process includes end of course AARs, first-year battalion commander review and input to training topics, and updating course material to meet the needs of the incoming battalion commanders.  The USAREC review and decision culminates the cyclical and in-depth scrutiny of this critical course.

Army School of Music (ASOM) hosted Tom Jackson Productions:
From 31 Jan to 1 Feb Tom Jackson Productions provided master classes for students and faculty.  Tom Jackson is the leading Live Music Producer of artists' tours, showcases, and shows in the music industry.  We invited Mr. Jackson to the Army Band Leaders Training (ABLT) Conference last year and based on that experience he has continued to support the ASOM's development of student onstage skills.  This developmental event occurs quarterly for AIT, NCOA, staff and faculty.  The paradigm shift in performance practices is new to the Army band program and this training is powerful reinforcement of the skills taught at the individual and team levels.


Doctrine and Training Support


The FMS Commandant met with Mr Bagby, Director of Cost and Economic Analysis (ODASA CE) and discussed the strategic view of two new cost management courses in the context of the GFEBS sustainment training strategy.  He also discussed the inter-relationship of institutional cost management courses (Principles of Cost Accounting and Management; Intermediate Cost Accounting and Management; and, Cost Management Certificate Course) as the education strategy to build Army cost culture capacity and establish the FMS as the premier Financial Management training institution for the Army, in lieu of the Naval Post Graduate School or Syracuse University, evolves.  Mr. Bagby agreed to assist in courseware development effort by providing relevant cost management scenarios for practical exercises and case studies.

Doctrine Writing Team: 
SSI is developing a series of Army Tactics Techniques and Procedures (ATTPs) that will expand on Financial Management (FM) and Human Resources (HR) areas of interests.  The first FM ATTP in development is ATTP 1-06.1, Field Ordering Officer and Pay Agent.  This ATTP is a collaboration effort between the FM and Contracting community to provide relevant TTPs to the field.  The first HR ATTP is ATTP 1-0.1, S1 Operations.  Additionally, we are in the initial stages (Authors Draft) of development on ATTP 1-0.2, Theater Level Human Resources Operations.


Lessons Learned: 

SSI will conduct a Reverse Collection and Analysis Team (R-CAAT) session with the 15th FMCO on 8 Feb 11.  This collaboration between SSI and the key leaders of the 15th FMCO will gather observations, insights, and lessons from the 15th FMCO's recent deployment.

Key Events:


RRS Mobile Training Team meet with key leaders of Afghanistan National Security Forces (ANSF):
As a part of the US efforts to modernize and professionalize the ANSF, the RRS’ deployed MTT attended the opening of the ANSF Recruiting and Re-contracting Seminar.  Key leaders from the ANSF, to include the Chief of Staff, G1, Afghan National Police (ANP) Recruiting Chief, and others, met with our MTT.  The MTT then began conducting three Train-the-Trainer courses for the ANSF: ANA Recruiting, ANA Re-contracting, and ANP Recruiting.  The ANA Recruiting and ANA Re-contracting Instructors were able to begin their Master Trainer classes while the ANP Instructors started with the Basic Recruiter classes to provide a basis for the students since the ANP recruiting efforts are behind that of the ANA. 

Officer Grade Plate Review (OGPR):
The Soldier Support Institute continues collaborating in the ongoing OGPR field staffing.  Currently, we are addressing three issues with the Signal, Aviation and Air Defense Artillery proponents. The Table of Organization & Equipment Source Code (TOE SRC): 01102R000: HHC, Combat Aviation Brigade (LT) 01202G200: HHC, Combat Aviation Brigade (MED) 01302R000: HHC, Combat Aviation Brigade (HVY), 01622G000 Theater Aviation Operations Group, TOE SRC 44602R000 Air Defense Artillery Brigade (Theater).  The first major issue is the desire to change the grade requirement for the S1 in Aviation and Air Defense brigades/groups from a Major to Captain, and mitigate this change by converting one Lieutenant slot to CW3. Second, SSI would prefer aligning the Theater Signal Command TOE with the standards of grade outlined for a two-star command.  Third, SSI prefers converting the Human Resource Sustainment Center’s Personnel Accounting and Strength Reporting/Personnel Readiness Manager/ Information Manager (PASR/PRM/IM) Division Chief from a LTC to a CW5. 



BG Longo and Mr. Formica at the School of Music:
SSI hosted BG (P) Longo, TRADOC G-3/5/7 and Mr. Formica, TRADOC Deputy G-3/5/7 and ITRO Deputy Executive Board member 4 Feb at the SOM. They received an overview of the SOM facilities conditions, suitability, and renovation plans, followed by a building tour.  BG (P) Longo and Mr. Formica also observed training.  This visit culminated with a brief overview of the AR 5-10 Stationing Package and the need for UFR funding for relocatables.

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SFC Anthony Cruz-Diaz

SGL of the YearSGL of the Year 2015

SFC Michael R. Massey


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