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Welcome to the Soldier Support Institute Learning Resource Center! Looking for information on the SSI or course information? Click on the School Website buttons above or go directly to our directory links on the menu on the left side of the page.

BG Paul Chamberlain Commander Soldier Support Institute

BG Chamberlain was commissioned into the Army in May 1988 from Clemson University and was assigned as a Platoon Leader in Heilbronn, Germany.

TDDTDD Headlines: Mobile Initiative underway.

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LRC now operational. Visit the Learning Resource Center HERE for all your training sustainment needs.


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The SharePoint Training Site is here to provide Lessons Plans and Training Resources to our Soldiers Worldwide.

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Connecting Soldiers to Digital Apps

Purpose: To Create Mobile Capability Environments in order to enable enhanced Warfighter training and education and to provide rapid and reliable access to relevant operational and institutional information.

Current Projects:

HRPO Mobile App is an Army developed app that supports the Human Resources Planning and Operations course held at the Adjutant General School, Fort Jackson, SC. The App gives students access to course details; including a typical course calendar, course objectives, graduation requirements and student evaluation plan information. It also includes a validated pretest that helps students assess their current doctrinal knowledge prior to arriving at the course. Based on this pretest performance, a personalized interactive course study guide, highlighting areas of strength and weakness, is provided. >>> Learn More

36B AIT Mobile App - The courseware being produced uses a mobile application and a blended learning approach where learners are able to utilize the new multimedia products both within the classroom and on their mobile device. Upon arrival at the course, the learner will be able to download the mobile application. With this product the learner can download all course references and engage in self study through the included Study Aids. The redesigned course lessons can be accessed via internet within the classroom for initial instruction by both student and instructor, as well in quick reference format through the mobile application for sustainment and refresher. Enhanced checks on learning and interactive practical exercises will be delivered in the classroom environment.



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SSI LibraryWelcome to the Soldier Support Institute Library! Looking for a valuable resource during your attendance SSI? The Library has Battle Analysis material, Historical Field Manuals, and the Commander's professional reading list.

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The SSI Learning Resource Center is designed to provide access to the latest Adjutant General, Financial Management, and Recruiting and Retention training material.  Resources are available for individual, collective, distributed learning to CAC (common access card) and AKO users.

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