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Welcome to the Alpha Company, TSB website! 

Look below for reporting information and additional references.

One Team, One Mission!



Alpha Company Commander

Captain Kyle D. Fails

Captain Kyle D. Fails, Sr. is a native of Greenville, AL. He enlisted in the Army on June 10, 1991 and served 13 years in the Infantry. He was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the Field Artillery through the U.S. Army Officer Candidate School, Ft. Benning, GA in December 2004. He earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Resource Management from Troy State University in 2002 and a Master of Science Degree in Human Resource Management and from Troy State University in 2006

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1SG FordFirst Sergeant Deborah B. Thomas

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Students MUST report in the duty uniform.

PCS Personnel – Does your DA 31 (signed by O-5 or above at your losing unit) authorize PTDY?

Yes! -  Report to the Housing Services Office (Room 241 in the Strom Thurmond Building – Bldg 5450, at the intersection of Marion Road and Strom Thurmond Blvd).  HSO is open Mon – Fri from 0730-1615.  They will stamp your DA 31 to validate the PTDY.  Upon completion of PTDY, report to A Co.

No! – Report directly to A Co.  After in-processing, you may request up to 10 days PTDY, if time allows prior to your course start date.

TDY Personnel – Report to the Jackson Inn, Building 7550, at the intersection of Marion and Benning Roads, in order to receive your lodging assignments.  If on-post lodging is not available, ensure you receive a Statement of Non-availability from the Jackson Inn.   

All students must sign in with A Co.  Duty hours are 0830-1700 on Monday through Friday, excluding Federal and training holidays.  There is no need to report to TSB Headquarters at Building 3360.

During Duty Hours - Report to the A Co orderly room, located in room 2044 of the Soldier Support Institute (SSI), Building 10,000, at the corner of Lee Road and Hampton Parkway.

After Duty Hours - Sign in with the SSI Staff Duty Officer, also located in Building 10,000, by the main entrance on Lee Road, and then report to A Co on the morning of the next duty day.

Fort Jackson Map
SCoE Patch
Apartment Info
Housing Info

Orders & DD Form 1610 (if applicable)
Personal Data Sheet
Accident Avoidance Certificate
Safety Contract
POV Inspection
Physical Profile (Cannot report with temporary profile)
Family Care Plan (required for all married Soldiers with sole custody of children, or dual military with children)
Privately Owned Weapons Memo (must list all firearms brought on Fort Jackson.  CANNOT store firearms in on-post lodging.)
Motorcycle Safety Counseling (if applicable)

  • Personnel/Finance Actions
  • Packing List
  • References
  • AG School Courses
  • FM School Courses

The attached file contains information and samples for most paperwork you’ll complete while a student.

S1 Book: Coming Soon
PCS Leave Brief
Pass/Leave Instructions
Travel Voucher Examples
Pay Advances

For additional information, view the links on the left and the information in the “Inprocessing” section.

No mandatory packing list, but recommended items include:

- ACUs with beret and patrol cap (On your left sleeve, you will wear the shoulder patch for either your gaining unit of assignment or for the Soldier Support Institute.,
- ASUs (or Class A's, if USAR/ARNG)
- Full IPFU (with black gloves and gray fleece cap)
- Orange reflective belt with subdued pin-on rank
- Civilian clothing
- Personal office supplies
- Laptop computer

You will sign for a basic issue of TA-50 from Fort Jackson CIF.

  • Snowbirds/Blackbirds
  • IMSO
  • Mailing Address
  • Learning Resource Center
  • SSI Library

All early arrivals (snowbirds) and late departures (blackbirds) must do the following:

Report to A Co at 0830 and 1300 each duty day, unless assigned to a pinpoint duty by the SSI G-1.

Conduct PT on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 0550 with HHC, TSB at the SSI track.

Assist A Co as necessary with urinalyses, APFTs, weigh-ins, and other administrative activities.

Complete any appointments necessary to reach “green” status on MEDPROS.

Students snowbirding/blackbirding for less than 30 days will remain assigned to A Co.  Students snowbirding/blackbirding for over 30 days will receive a pinpoint assignment within SSI.

A Co includes Fort Jackson’s IMSO, which is responsible for all International Military Students attending schooling on Fort Jackson.  In FY10, Fort Jackson Schools trained 70 international students from 30 different countries.

Rank and Name
A Co, TSB, Class Name and Number (ie AGBOLC 03-10)
10,000 Hampton Parkway
Fort Jackson, SC 29207


The SSI Learning Resource Center is designed to provide access to the latest Adjutant General, Financial Management, and Recruiting and Retention training material.  Resources are available for individual, collective, distributed learning to CAC (common access card) and AKO users.

Click here to explore the LRC.

SSI LibraryWelcome to the Soldier Support Institute Library! Looking for a valuable resource during your attendance SSI? The Library has Battle Analysis material, Historical Field Manuals, and the Commander's professional reading list.

Click here to visit the Library.


Provide command & control, training, and sustainment support for 300-500 assigned/attached US Officers, Civilians & International Students attending Adjutant General and Financial Management School courses.