SharePoint 2010 Migration

TRADOC Governance Plan

The Challenge of Adoption


Even with a great governance plan, a complete collection of credible, usable, and relevant content, and a fully tested solution, you can‟t just “turn on” the new portal, collaboration, or social computing environment and expect users to come running to embrace the new solution with open arms. Your adoption plan needs to capture both the hearts and minds of the user community to ensure that the solution will be successful.


What is SharePoint, Exactly?


SharePoint 2010 provides an information-sharing platform, document management platform, workflow platform, business process management framework, and development foundation on which information worker solutions can be created. Comprehensive business solutions can be easily assembled to support a company‟s information management and business needs. However, one of the great difficulties with regard to adopting SharePoint is the fact that, the above description notwithstanding, SharePoint can be very difficult to describe to users because it encompasses so many applications, uses, and functions. Users often have many alternative ways to achieve the same outcomes as they do with SharePoint. For example, there are several options users can choose for sharing a new document – posting it to a SharePoint site is one possibility, but so are e-mailing as an attachment and saving to a file share. You‟ll want to make sure that users have a clear path regarding the use of SharePoint even for the simplest of tasks.