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Capabilities Development & Integration Directorate Concepts/Doctrine Development:

Mission Statement: To develop and maintain relevant and timely Human Resources (HR) and Financial Management (FM) concepts and doctrine; design, define, and develop/create world-class HR and FM organizations; and identify/document HR and FM materiel requirements for current and future operational forces to sustain our Army throughout the full spectrum of operations.

Director COL Lamonica Bell 803-751-8600


Deputy Director Mr. Corpening 803-751-8444

Develop and maintain relevant and timely Human Resources (HR) and Financial Management (FM) concepts for sustaining the Army.  Coordinate and Interface with other schools and centers to ensure concepts and designs are approved ensuring responsive support within the sustainment footprint on the battlefield.

Concepts 803-751-8443

Responsible for developing, managing, maintaining and integrating a body of knowledge on how HR and FM Soldiers, and formations operate in support of Army and joint forces, primarily codifying deployment and sustainment
capabilities to meet the needs of current and future forces.  Collaborate with other CoEs to review non-sustainment doctrine for sustainment implications, or to develop sustainment content.

Doctrine 803-751-8448

Force Design 803-751-8608

The Force Design Division defines Financial Management (FM), Human Resources (HR) and Army Band capabilities by designing force structures that provide these capabilities and translate organizational concepts based on doctrine, technologies, materiel, manpower requirements and limited resources; IAW respective school commandant guidance, DA initiatives, and directives into a trained and ready FM/HR/Band force.

The Lessons Learned Division (L2D) mission is to create an information sharing culture within the Army in which every Soldier, regardless of rank, is a collector of positive (sustain) and negative (improve or change) information. Soldiers have an opportunity and responsibility to submit both types of information through their chain of command. HR professionals must keep in mind that Observations and Insights do not become a Lesson Learned until behavior has changed, usually through such mediums as policy, doctrine, etc. The L2D has several methods to collect relevant OILs from the field (i.e. Coordinate for an organizational visit to the SSI, Review sample OIL inputs or L2D On-site visit). Our efforts will ensure we properly conduct and analyze all information provided and further submit to SSI directorates for their involvement on researching and making appropriate changes to DOTMLPF, if applicable. The ultimate goal of L2D is to assist HR organizations in accomplishing their missions with proven successes or avoid similar difficulties.

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SSI LRCThe SSI Learning Resource Center is designed to provide access to the latest Adjutant General, Financial Management, and Recruiting and Retention training material.  Resources are available for individual, collective, distributed learning to CAC (common access card) and AKO users.

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SSI LibraryWelcome to the Soldier Support Institute Library! Looking for a valuable resource during your attendance SSI? The Library has Battle Analysis material, Historical Field Manuals, and the Commander's professional reading list.

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What is ACT?
Army Career Tracker (ACT) is a leadership development tool that integrates training and education into one personalized, easy-to-use website. Users can search multiple Army education and training resources, monitor their career development and receive personalized advice from their leadership.
Who Supports ACT?
As part of Army Learning Concept 2015 (ALC 2015), ACT will allow Soldiers, Officers, and Civilians to manage their lifelong career objectives and monitor progress toward career requirements and goals.  Users can enroll in courses and training to become multi-skilled, agile leaders of the 21st Century.
When is it available?
On 1 August 2011, the Enlisted Active, Army Reserve, and Army National Guard forces for CMF 42 will be given access to ACT.  Access to both simulations and printable training materials are available now.  These materials will continue to be available for your reference in the Downloadable Files section of the ACT Information Page on AKO at https://www.us.army.mil/suite/page/601000
For more information log onto https://actnow.army.mil
POC for the Army Career Tracker are:
SGM Roberson, Demont, Proponent SGM at (803)751-8442, demont.roberson@conus.army.mil
SFC Hill, Jacqueline, Career Management NCO (42A) at (803)751-8344, jackie.hill@conus.army.mil

 SFC Haas, Sarah, Career Management NCO (42S/42R) at (803)751-8352, sarah.j.witt@conus.army.mil

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