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Soldier Support Institute Vision

SSI, as the Army's Soldier Support Integration Command strives to fully integrate within the Sustainment War Fighting Function by providing state of the art education and training to Soldiers and Civilians, developing adaptive leaders and building capabilities across the Human Resource and Financial Management domains in order to strengthen an all volunteer U.S. Army as America’s force of decisive action.

Brigadier Paul Chamberlain Commanding General

BG Paul Chamberlain Commander Soldier Support Institute

BG Chamberlain was commissioned into the Army in May 1988 from Clemson University and was assigned as a Platoon Leader in Heilbronn, Germany. BG Chamberlain's previous assignments include: Signal Platoon Leader and Executive Officer, 38th Signal Battalion, 56th Field Artillery Command (Pershing); Signal Platoon Leader and Executive Officer, Bravo Company, 11th Signal Battalion; Platoon Leader and Executive Officer 57th Signal Company (Separate), 17 Signal Battalion, Wuerzburg Germany; Operational Detachment A-Team Leader and later Battalion Assistant Operations Officer and Battalion Supply Officer, 3rd Battalion, 5th Special Forces Group, Fort Campbell, KY; Assistant Chief of Staff-J8/Comptroller, Joint Task Force-Bravo, Soto Cano Air Base, Honduras; Chief of Administration/Resources Branch, Special Operations Division, Army Operations Center, Washington D.C.; Resource Manager-Budget Integration, Army Budget Office, Washington D.C.; Assistant Chief of Staff-J8/Comptroller, Multi-National Security Transition Command-Iraq; Resource Manager, Joint Chiefs of Staff-J8, Washington, D.C.; Assistant Chief of Staff, G8/Comptroller, III Corps, Fort Hood, Texas (with a deployment as the United States Forces-Iraq, J8). Most recently he was assigned as the Executive Officer to Dr. Matiella, the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Financial Management and Comptroller), and the Acting Director, Operations and Support, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Financial Management & Comptroller), Washington D.C. BG Chamberlain's military education includes the Signal Officer Basic Course, Fort Gordon, GA and the Infantry Officer Advanced Course, Fort Benning, GA; the Special Forces Officer Qualification Course and Language School, Fort Bragg, NC; the Combined Arms Services and Staff School, and Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, KS; the Industrial College of the Armed Forces, National Defense University, Fort McNair, Washington, D.C. His civilian educational pursuits include a Bachelor of Science degree from Clemson University and a Masters of Business Administration from Syracuse University in 2000. His awards and decorations include the Legion of Merit, the Bronze Star Medal, Defense Meritorious Service Award, the Meritorious Service Medal, the Joint Commendation Service Medal, the Army Commendation Medal, the Joint Service Achievement Medal, the Army Achievement Medal, the Iraqi Campaign Medal, and the Humanitarian Service Medal. He has also earned the Special Forces Tab, Ranger Tab, the Expert Infantry Badge, the Parachutist Badge, the Air Assault Badge, the Joint Staff Identification Badge and the Army Staff Identification Badge. BG Chamberlain is married with two children.

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Adjutant General School

Train and develop agile leaders and Soldiers who provide human resources and music support to the force. Develop human resource (HR) concepts, doctrine, training and organizational designs to support an expeditionary Army in war and in peace.

Financial Management School

Provide trained, ready, and agile military and civilian Leaders and develop complementary concepts, doctrine, organization, and material across the spectrum of Financial Management (FM) in support of America's Armed Forces in war and peace.

Recruiting and Retention School

Train and develop agile leaders and Soldiers who provide recruiting and retention support to the force. Develop recruiting and retention concepts, doctrine, training and organizational designs to support an expeditionary Army in war and in peace.

Army School of Music

Army Band Mission "The Army School of Music trains and educates Army band Soldiers and leaders; designs, develops and implements training; integrates unit capabilities, concepts and doctrine in order to build Army bands that are versatile and adaptable in Full Spectrum Operations."

Non Commissioned Officer Academy

Train and educate noncommissioned officers through relevant, objective evaluation to support ARFORGEN; growing adaptive leaders fostered in an environment that facilitates competence, confidence, creativity, and team-building to achieve success in any operating environment.

Soldier Support Institute Library

Welcome to the Soldier Support Institute Library! Looking for a valuable resource during your attendance SSI? The Library has Battle Analysis material, Historical Field Manuals, and the Commander's professional reading list. Click here to visit the Library.

SSI Significant Activities 30 NOV 2012

1. Design the Army of 2020.
a. Total Army Analysis (TAA) 16-20. On 10 Dec 12, the TAA 16-20 Council of Colonels held the first session to review Rules of Allocation (ROA) for modeling future operations. SRC 02, Army Bands was briefed by LTC Pat Kerbuski, Organizational Integrator (OI), with input from Mr. John Twohig, Ft. Leavenworth Force Design Directorate (FDD) and CW5 Bob Nixon from the Adjutant General School Army Bands Proponency office. The newly proposed ROA for Army Bands provides musical support to Division, Corps, and Senior Army HQs that deploy, with the band support made up of Music Support Teams (MST) matched to the size of the Army force for each operation. This form of modeling is intended to better fit the musical requirements than the current ROA that generally only sends a Division Band along with its Division HQ, regardless of the size of the task force or total theater requirements. When approved, these ROA can be used in future operations to better support the senior mission commander and their Soldiers.

2. Leader Development.
a.Combat Studies Institute (CSI) Book. The Adjutant General School Equal Opportunity (EO) Training Proponent Division SGM, SGM Anthony Romero submitted a paper on his personal application of the seven Army values. The paper was accepted by CSI for inclusion in a book to be published in February 2013. CSI, in an effort to help share collective experiences and capture the hard- fought lessons learned by Non-commissioned Officers, has agreed to publish a collection of articles/letters provided by Senior NCOs across the Army. The working title of this effort is “From One NCO to Another.”

b. Training With Industry (TWI). The AG School hosted the Vice President of Human Resources for SCANA, an S&P 500 energy company located in Cayce, South Carolina. The purpose of the visit was to share methods and information on the Army Personnel Development System and meet professionals that instruct and develop the Army’s HR professionals. SCANA is a TWI partner with the Adjutant General’s Corps and currently has one officer (Major/O4) serving in residence.

3. Concepts & Doctrine. NSTR
4. Training and Education for the Future.
a. Equal Opportunity Program of Instruction (POI). The final corrections/updates to the Equal Opportunity POI for the Company Commander and First Sergeant Pre Command Course are near completion. This POI will be published in Training Development Capability (TDC) by 20 DEC 2012.

b. Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI) Site Visit. The EO Training Proponency Division (LTC Turner and MSG Jones) conducted a site visit to DEOMI and accomplished the following:

1. Observed the Army Service Specific Training (ASST) Class Welcome (New Format) conducted by SGM Robert L. Louden Jr., Equal Opportunity Senior Enlisted Advisor, U.S. Army Special Operations Command.
2. Facilitated/Executed the ASST Overview lesson for the course.
3. Discussed and reviewed the revised ASST lesson plans with the DEOMI ASST instructors.
4. Assessed ASST instructors and instruction.
5. Formed critical relationships with DEOMI personnel.

c. Human Resource Management Qualification Course (HRMQC) Courseware. HRMQC received confirmation that the updated distributive learning (DL) courseware passed testing through Army Training Support Center (ATSC). The re-write of the DL phase was initiated and completed between February and July 2012. In August 2012, the new courseware was submitted to ATSC for testing and approval. The DL re-write conforms to updated Army learning guidance and has improved the functionality of the checks on learning, quizzes and tests.

d. 42A Critical Task Site Selection Board (CTSSB). The CTSSB panel reviewed 93 tasks for AIT and NCO Academy Soldiers. The panel recommended the following: delete eight tasks, transfer seven tasks to unit level training, combine two tasks with other tasks, and added two new tasks to the curriculums for a total of 78 tasks vice 93 tasks. Mr. L.Z. Harrison, Training Development Directorate, is preparing the executive summary (EXSUM) and staffing the board proceedings for the AG School Commandant's approval. There were 13 Senior NCOs on the CTSSB panel with two Warrant Officers providing technical expertise.

5. Army and Joint Training.
a. Human Resources (HR) and Financial Management (FM) Warfighter Training Support Packages (WTSPs) – "What Success Looks Like." On pages 20-21 of Issue #719, PS, The Preventive Maintenance Monthly, an official publication of the Department of the Army, October 2012, published an article titled “WTSPs Keep Training Current.” The article is about the Soldier Support Institute’s HR and FM WTSPs posted to the Army Training Network (ATN). These WTSPs have the most up-to-date training materials available and are updated automatically online whenever there are revisions to source files. The article contained a listing of and instructions for those who wish to access the WTSPs.

b. MOS 42A Critical Task Site Selection Board (CTSSB). The Training Development Directorate, in collaboration with the Adjutant General School, conducted a CTSSB for MOS 42A from 03 - 07 Dec 12. The board met to recommend critical tasks for all enlisted skill levels and to conduct a task analysis for those tasks. Thirteen members, including the Board President, spent the week reviewing Army survey data and existing task analysis reports to ensure currency and relevancy in the critical tasks. The board members also reviewed and approved educational outcomes for 42A enlisted courses and ensured that critical tasks were linked to the 21st Century Soldier Competencies.

c. Human Resources (HR) Information Systems Training. The Training Development Directorate Distributed Learning (dL) Branch is working with the Adjutant General School's Director of Training and Craig Technologies to develop dL training on eMILPO (Electronic Military Personnel Office), TPS (Tactical Personnel System), DTAS (Deployed Tactical Accountability System), and DCIPS (Defense Casualty Information Processing System). The training will consist of 60 hours of training that follows the HR functions and actions required from notification of deployment through redeployment. The Human Resources Information Systems dL training, currently projected for completion by the 1st Quarter of FY14, will be available to all 42-Series Soldiers and Civilians or anyone filling an HR position.

6. Plans and Operations.
a. Senior U.S. Army Training & Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Army Reserve (STAR) VTC (11 Dec 2012): The Financial Management School (FMS)Total Force Integrator attended the STAR VTC led by the Deputy Commanding General, U.S. Army Reserve, TRADOC. These quarterly updates are designed to inform the AR community of key initiatives and issues originating from TRADOC and in return, he receives viable and timely feedback from the field to assist in shaping and influencing the development of doctrine and training affecting the AR.

7. Capabilities Development Process and Sync.
a. CNA (Capabilities Needs Analysis) 16-20. SSI CDID participated in ARCIC training in order to become certified as an assessor for the FbA. Additionally, CDID will represent SSI on the 12 December 12 at Carlisle Barracks in support of the Sustainment Battle Lab. The war college students have been asked by ARCIC to rank the required capabilities from all WfFs (Warfighting Functions). In preparation for this brief, the CDID has assessed the HR/FM/Bands RCs against the five ARCIC approved scenarios and provided to CASCOM.

d. USAAA Audit of FM Home Station Mission: The Commandant of the Financial Management School participated in a teleconference with the Internal Review and Audit Compliance Office, FT Lee, AAA and CASCOM to update/discuss the results of the areas AAA identified for potential home station missions for FM units. This effort serves a complementary effort to the ongoing Secretary of the Army Task Force on FM Transformation. The discussion included the possibility of supporting a home station mission or enhanced rotational training for FM enablers. Following the teleconference AAA, will brief the Director Operations and Support from the Army Budget Office.

8. Adapt TRADOC. Nothing Significant.
9. Accessions Command Closeout . Nothing Significant.
C. Other Significant Events.
1. Monthly TRADOC Army Training and Education (ATE) VTC. Representatives from the SSI Training Development Directorate (TDD) participated in the regular monthly TRADOC ATE VTC on Monday, 3 Dec 12. The agenda consisted of briefings on the following topics: The Army Training Strategy (TSP); The Army Campaign Plan (ACP); Automated Program of Instruction (POI); and announcements for future ATE VTCs and Potential ATE VTC Topics.

2. Training Development Capability (TDC) Working Group (WG) VTC. Representatives from the Training Development Directorate (TDD) participated in the periodic Training Development Capability Working Group VTC. The working group VTC took place on 11-13 Dec 12, from 0900 to 1200 hours EST each day. Training Development Capability Working Group VTC participants discussed prioritization of the list of current enhancements submitted to Training Management Directorate (TMD), Combined Army Center – Training (CAC-T). The SSI had no issues pending for the working group.

3. Asymmetric Warfare Group (AWG) visit. Mr. French from the Asymmetric Warfare Group (AWG) provided a brief to BG MacEwen on 13 Dec 12. The purpose of the brief was to provide information on the plan of action and milestones for the TRADOC directed Shot in the Arm (SITA) Phase II, Adaptive Soldier and Leader Training and Education (ASLTE) Mobile Training Team (MTT). The AWG MTT will visit SSI to assist in revising the 36B SLC course, to include, POIs, and all associated Lesson Plans. Following the team’s visit, SSI’s designated TRIAD, consisting of an instructor, developer, and quality assurance evaluator will have 180 days to revise the 36B SLC course modeling ASLTE guiding concepts to provide optimum integration of adaptability and skill transfer to the operational force.

4. The New Electronic Official Personnel Folder (eOPF) Training. Personnel from the Soldier Support Institute participated in Ft. Jackson’s eOPF training for GS and WG civilian employees. The eOPF is the electronic version of the employee’s official personnel folder, the official record of their Federal work career. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is leading a massive project to convert paper personnel documents into an electronic format for easier access and management of records through the use of Government computers. The eOPF system contains personnel documents in a secure environment, allowing immediate access and capability to search for documents located in the employee’s record.

5. Force Design Division (FDD): Team FDD is assisting with the mandated SECARMY Financial Management (FM) Optimization initiative. We are assisting the CASCOM System Directorate for Combat Service Support Very Small Aperture Terminal (CSS VSAT) in developing a Smartbook/pocket guide for CSS VSAT and Combat Service Support Automated Information System Interface (CAISI). FDD continues to monitor the status of the Human Resources (HR) Company Force Design Update (FDU) which is currently with the Army G8. FDD and the Adjutant General School’s proponent are working towards completion of the Human Resources Operations Center (HROC) FDU packet as well as a new Band FDU Jr. request. HQDA has posted the new vignettes for TAA 16-20 and we are reviewing and will provide input as necessary. The HQDA Grade Plate File (OF/GF) has been posted for review and we are working with the proponents to ensure its accuracy.

6. Foreign Officer Visit: MAJ Kyoungkook Lim, Republic of Korea Army and former FMCCC student, is visiting the Financial Management School (FMS) through 26 December to discuss processes involved in training FM Officers and Noncommissioned Officers with personnel from the following directorates: Financial Management Training Department, Proponency, Training Development Directorate, Noncommissioned Officer Academy, FM Systems, Total Force Integration, and GFEBS.

7. Marine Corps Combat Service Support Schools Visit. Colonel Paul Bertholf, Commanding Officer, Marine Corps Combat Service Support Schools, Camp Lejeune NC visited the postal school 6 – 7 Dec 12. Purpose was to see first-hand the training provided to future postal students and spend time with Marine cadre. Colonel Bertholf also served as the Postal School graduation guest speaker on 7 Dec 12.

8. United States Army Reserve Command (USARC) G-1 Visit to the Soldier Support Institute (SSI). COL Barbara Lynne Owens, the USARC G-1 visited the Soldier Support Institute 10 Dec 12. Col Owens conducted office calls with the SSI Commanding General and the AG School Commandant. She also spoke with the AG Captains Career Courses on the Army Reserve providing career advice to the students.

9. Army School of Music (ASOM) Relocatable Buildings (RLB). Three RLBs were delivered to ASOM and installation is ongoing. Final inspection is scheduled for 14 Dec 12. The RLBs request was built and submitted by the TRADOC Engineer under the auspices of ITRO (Inter-Service Training Office) which identified a requirement for an additional 1400 Sq Ft of instructional space at ASOM following deconsolidation of its AIT POI from the Navy in 2010.

10. Army School of Music (ASOM) Building Renovation. ASOM is moving into the old Child Development Center (CDC) on Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story (JEBLC-FS) while ASOM’s current building is renovated. Facility will be used as a classroom and office space after the installation of electricity, telephone and internet services. ASOM will begin moving during the block leave period and the move should be complete by EOM Jan 13. The renovation project which begins in February is scheduled to take 18 months and brings the current building to code but does not alleviate the space or hearing conservation issues.

11. 65th The Adjutant General Visit. The Adjutant General, BG Jason Evans, visited the Soldier Support Institute and the AG School on 6 Dec 12. During his visit he had office calls with the CG, SSI and Commandant, AG School and served as the guest speaker for the AG Captains Career Course Class 902-12 graduation. He also presented a professional development session to all AG students and received an update on AG/HR initiatives.

D. Significant Challenges. Nothing Significant.
E. Upcoming Event/s.
1. Date: 26 Dec 12 (T) SOM Decision Brief to TRADOC DCG
2. Date: 19 Dec-3 Jan 13 SSI Victory Block Leave
3. Date: 5 Jan 13 SSI CG’s New Year’s Reception

4. Date: 4-5 Jan 13 Blackboard Training for Reserve Component Instructors. The Soldier Support Institute’s Blackboard Administrator will conduct blended (online and classroom) sustainment/refresher Blackboard training for reserve component instructors, 4-5 Jan 13, during their weekend drill. The instructors will execute HR and FM training at one of three CONUS TASS Training Centers (TTC) located at Ft. Devens, MA; Grande Prairie, TX; or Camp Parks, CA.
5. Date: 28 Dec 12 The USO is sponsoring an event with the Fort Jackson Museums for the holiday holdover Soldiers during block leave. It is a themed event - Night at the Museum - that will include activities at each Museum, dinner, and the movie “Night at the Museum”. Working with the USO is Verizon, who will be providing volunteers and video stations at each museum for the Soldiers to tape “shout outs” that will be made available to their families and friends. In addition to volunteers dressed as characters from the movie we will also have military re-enactors stationed at each museum. Ft Jackson estimates that 200 Soldiers will participate in the event scheduled for Friday, 28 December 2012. Activities will start at 1400 hours with the Soldiers rotating around to the different Museums on Post throughout the afternoon. The dinner and movie will be set-up at the Chaplain School, with the event ending around 2000.

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